Sensuikyo (Sensuikyo Valley)
Sensuikyo (Sensuikyo Valley)
Sensuikyo (Sensuikyo Valley) Sensuikyo (Sensuikyo Valley)

As the name suggests, the gorge is famous for the carpet of almost 50,000 Miyama Kirishima (a type of azalea commonly seen throughout Kyushu region), which was too beautiful and fragrant that they intoxicated sennin (mountain hermits said to possess special qualities). The valley situated at the northern foot of Mt. Nakadake and Mt. Takadake is the art created by the mother nature, which is formed by the lava flow from the erruption of the Mt. Aso.

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    Higashi-Kobori, Miyaji, Ichinomiya-machi, Aso, Kumamoto

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    * Sensuikyo Ropeway service is suspended due to some equipment failure, and the suspension will remain in effect until further notice.

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    Blooming season of Miyamakirishima (species of azalea commonly seen throughout Kyushu region) is at its peak at or around mid-May. You can go behind the icicles formed on the waterfall by the parking lot in the winter time. This is another well-kept secret scenic spot.

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    Approximately a 15-minute cab ride from the “Miyaji Station” on the JR Hohi Main Line.

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