Yosakoi Festival
Yosakoi Festival


The "Yosakoi Matsuri" is said to have originated from a festival in which people dance holding a clapper called "Naruko." The "Yosakoi Matsuri" started in Kochi and then spread to the whole country. It can now be seen in festivals and sports meetings all over Japan. The brightly colored outfits and the passionate dance liven up the atmosphere for the audience.

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    Iriake-cho, Kochi, Kochi

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    August 9th to August 12th

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    The rule for this dance is to "be a dance that moves forward while sounding the clapper." Teams work hard in creating their own original dances, using from traditional music to samba, or even rock rhythms. About 20,000 dancers take part in the Tosa Carnival.

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    Area surrounding JR "Iriakecho Station"

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