San-no-numa Marsh
San-no-numa Marsh

San-no-numa Marsh is one of several marshs on the trekking route between the National Road and Rausu Lake. Mount Rausu sits on the horizon ahead of Sanno-numa Marsh, so if you are lucky you can see the upside down image of Mount Rausu reflected on the march's surface. The views of Mount Rausu and the marsh change from season to season, and attract visitors throughout the year.

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    Yunosawa-cho, Rausu-cho, Menashi, Hokkaido

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    All year

  • Point

    The Rausuko mountain trail is muddy year-round (it is a marsh after all). Be sure to bring appropriate shoes and clothing.

  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    Take a bus from Rausu Eigyosho and get off at Rausuko-iriguchi. The marsh is a 10-minute walk.

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