Mount Bandai
Mount Bandai
Mount Bandai
Mount Bandai
Mount Bandai Mount Bandai Mount Bandai Mount Bandai


Also known as Aizufuji, Mount Bandai has been revered by people since ancient times as a holy mountain where spirits reside. In October, the mountain surface is covered in vivid red and yellow leaves, which only adds to its beauty. The Bandai-sen Gold Line lies close to the Mount Bandai crater and is popular as a driving course that offers beautiful, postcard-like views of the autumn colors found behind the mountain .

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    Inawashiro-machi, Yama, Fukushima

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    Mount Bandai has mountain climbing courses for beginners, as well as more challenging courses for those confident in their stamina. The six courses are Okinashima, Inawashiro, Shibuya, Kawakami, Urabandai, and Happodai.

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    From JR Inawashiro Station, take the Bandai Toto Bus toward the Bandai Hibara Kohan Hotel. From the Urabandai Takahara-eki bus stop, it is about 10 minutes by taxi to reach the Happou Trailhead.

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