Lake Okutadami Pleasure Cruise
Lake Okutadami Pleasure Cruise


This is a hugely popular pleasure cruise, and when red and yellow begin to dye the beech forest surrounding the lake and the trees of the 2,000+ meter mountains, the best place to see it all is from the deck of a boat. Also, since the mountaintops are always snowy, in the height of the leaf-viewing season you can catch sight of snow-capped mountains with their lower halves dressed in bright autumn leaves.

  • Address

    1317-3 Otori, Imokawa, Yunotani, Uonuma, Niigata

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  • Entry fee

    Okutadami round course
    Adults 820
    Children 410
    · Kanayamataira course
    Adult 1,130 (one way)
    Children 570 (one way)
    - Oze opening course
    Adult 1,180 (one way)
    Children 590 (one way)

  • Opening Hours

    - Okutadami Round-Trip Course
    May. 20 - Nov. 8, last cruise at 15:30
    Oct. 16 - Nov. 6, last cruise at 16:00
    - Ginzandaira Course
    May. 20 - Oct. 15, last cruise at 15:00
    Oct. 16 - Nov. 6, last cruise at 16:00
    - Oze Course
    May. 31 - Oct. 15, last cruise at 15:20

    *Cruises are sometimes cancelled due to weather or other factors.

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  • Point

    If you want to see the autumn leaves, the Okutadami round-trip course is best. However, they don't take reservations during the peak autumn leaf-viewing season, so you will need to wait in line.

  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    Board the Minami-echigo Tour Bus for Okutadami Dam at JR Urasa Station. It is about a 75 minute ride. *A regular bus to Okutadami runs until November 3.

    Exit at the Koide IC on the Kan-etsu Expressway, and it is about 53 minutes along National Highway 352 and Prefectural Road 50.

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