Shiman Torocco Trolley
Shiman Torocco Trolley

Running between Uwajima Station in Aichi Prefecture and Kubokawa Station in Kochi Prefecture, this is an original trolley train made from converted freight cars. The train is characterized by its golden yellow color, which reflects the beauty of the landscape. From its open-style train car you’ll be able to look directly onto the Shimanto and Hiromi Rivers, said to be the last truly clean-flowing rivers in Japan.

  • Address

    *Kubokawa Station:
    16-28 Kotohira-machi, Shimanto-cho, Takaoka, Kochi

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  • Entry fee


  • Opening Hours

    Runs weekends and holidays only from July to November
    *Kubokawa to Ekawasaki, 14:14 to 15:42
    *Uwajima to Tosa-Taisho, 10:29 to 12:52

  • Closed


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  • Best Season

    Jul., Aug., Sep., Oct., Nov.

  • Point

    While on board, you can purchase local products and enjoy information given by a volunteer guide about the areas of the train line.

  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    *To Kubokawa Station:
    About 73 minutes riding the Nakamura-bound express on the Dosan Line from Kochi Station.

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