Takaoka Castle Park
Takaoka Castle Park

Takaoka Castle Park is located in the center of Takaoka, Toyama. It is built on the former site of Takaoka Castle, which was constructed by Maeda Toshinaga, the second lord of Kaga Clan. Most of the outer walls have been preserved, and the castle moats cover one-third of the park today. Many trees have been planted around the moats. This includes cherry trees, maple trees, Japanese zelkova, and pine trees. The park has around 2,700 cherry trees of 23 different species and has been chosen as one of Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots.

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    1 Kojo, Takaoka, Toyama

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    15 minutes from JR Takaoka Station.

    15 minutes from Takaoka IC on Nagoshi Expressway.

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