Arima Onsen
Arima Onsen
Arima Onsen
Arima Onsen
Arima Onsen Arima Onsen Arima Onsen Arima Onsen


Located at the foot of Mount Rokko, Arima Onsen is one of Japan's Top Three Ancient Springs with a long history of 1,400 years. The onsen is well-loved even by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. There are around 30 ryokans and it is better known as "Kansai no Okuzashiki" (quiet retreat of Kansai) for its accessibility from Osaka and Kobe. Among the ryokans are several long-established ones such as Kadonobo which started before the Kamakura period (1185 – 1333), and the 700 year-old Hyoe Koyokaku which was named by Hideyoshi. Other than public baths like Kin-no-yu and Gin-no-yu, there is also an onsen theme park Taiko no Yu and an increasing number of ryokans opening up for day bathers. There are many tourist spots in the area. This includes a popular autumn color spot, Zuihoji Park; Tsuzumigataki Park famous for Otsuzumi Falls; and Taiko Yudono Kan museum.

  • Address

    Arimacho, Kita, Kobe, Hyogo

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  • Entry fee

    Depends on the ryokan.

  • Opening Hours


  • Closed


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  • Best Season

    All year

  • Point

    One of Japan's Top Three Ancient Springs along with Shirahama Onsen and Dogo Onsen.

  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    A short walk from Arimaonsen Station.

    3 minutes from Nishinomiya-yamaguchi-minami Exit on Hanshin Expressway.

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