Meoto-iwa (Married Couple Rocks)
Meoto-iwa (Married Couple Rocks)


Meoto-iwa is a pair of sacred rocks in the sea off Futami that serves as the torii gate for visitors to pray to Amaterasu, the goddess of Sun, and Okitama-Shinseki, the sacred rock affiliated with the god Sarutahiko Okami. The 9-meter male rock and the 4-meter female rock are joined by a huge Shimenawa rope and people visit to pray for happy marriage and relationship luck. This place is also a popular spot to view the sunrise since ancient times. You can catch the sun rising between the rocks from May to July.

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    Futamichoe, Ise, Mie

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    All year

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  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    15 minutes from JR Futaminoura Station on foot.

    3 minutes from Ise IC on Ise Expressway or Ise-Futamitoba Road.

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