Inamuragasaki Cape
Inamuragasaki Cape
Inamuragasaki Cape
Inamuragasaki Cape Inamuragasaki Cape Inamuragasaki Cape


Inamuragasaki Cape is a small cape that sits between Yuigahama Beach and Shichirigahama Beach. The sand on the entire beach is dark-colored because it contains iron sand, a known fact since the ancient times. There is a legend recorded in Taiheiki that during the Siege of Kamakura in 1333, when Nitta Yoshisada was unable to land his army from the sea, he threw his golden sword into the waves and prayed to Ryujin, who parted the waters, and he was thus able to carry out his attack. For this reason, it has been designated as a historic landmark of Japan. Today, the cape is part of Kamakura Seaside Park. It is also known as a surfing hub and became famous as the setting for the movie "Inamura Jen". The swimming area has been closed since 2003.

  • Address

    Inamuragasaki 1-Chome, Kamakura, Kanagawa

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  • Closed


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  • Best Season

    All year

  • Point

    Beautiful sunset with the silhouettes of Enoshima and Mount Fuji in the background.

  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    3 minutes from Inamuragasaki Station on Enoshima Railway.

    35 minutes from Asahina IC on Yokohama-Yokosuka Road.

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