Hakone Shrine
Hakone Shrine


Known for the red torii gate standing in Lake Ashinoko, Hakone Shrine has gained popularity recently as a power spot. Situated in its premises is the popular Kuzuryu Shrine which is believed to bring good luck in wealth, prosperity, business, relationship and others. The shrine is visited by many females because the holy water "Ryujinsui" that springs out at Kuzuryu Shrine Shingu is believed to increase luck in love when they drink it. The Tsukinamisai ritual is held on the 13th of every month, and you can take part in the special prayer by taking the sightseeing cruise on Lake Ashinoko.

  • Address

    80-1 Motohakone, Hakone, Ashigarashimo, Kanagawa

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  • Entry fee

    Free entry to main hall.
    Admission to Treasure Hall:
    Adult: ¥500
    Child: ¥300

  • Opening Hours


  • Closed


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  • Best Season

    All year

  • Point

    A shrine on Lake Ashinoko known for the god of matchmaking.

  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    1 hour by bus from Oadawara Station on JR, Odakyu, and Hakone Tozan Railway. Get off at Moto Hakone Minato and walk 10 minutes to reach.

    10 minutes from Ashinoko-Daikan IC on Hakone Shindo.

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