Ariake Sea
Ariake Sea
Ariake Sea
Ariake Sea
Ariake Sea Ariake Sea Ariake Sea Ariake Sea


The remains of this castle are surrounded by the ocean on three sides, and it was known for its natural defenses. Its other name, “Higura Castle” (or twilight castle), comes from the beautiful sunsets the area is famous for. After it was abandoned, it became the scene of the Shimabara Rebellion, in which peasants tried to spread Christianity throughout Japan.

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    Nagasaki Seaside Park 1-60 Tokiwacho Nagasaki, Nagasaki

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    In late August, there is a summer festival called "Ariake Sea Firework Festival" in Fukuoka. When you visit the area around Yanagawa City Schoolchildren's Farm “Mutsugoro Land" you can watch the grand firework "Yanagawa Special, Sky Niagara" just like the flower spanning about one kilometer blooming over the night sky.

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    When you exited from JR Nagasaki Station, take Nagasaki Electric Tramway Route 1 at Shogakuji-shita station and get off at "Dejima" and walk about five minutes.

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