Lake Onneto
Lake Onneto
Lake Onneto
Lake Onneto
Lake Onneto Lake Onneto Lake Onneto Lake Onneto


Lake Onneto is a small lake around 2.5 km that was born from the eruption of Mount Meakan. The name "Onneto," originating from the Ainu language, means "Old Great Swamp." Depending on the season and time of day, a different color is reflected on the surface of the lake, such as clear blue, emerald green, dark blue, and the like, earning it the nickname "Goshikinuma," which means, "Marshes with Five Colors." Particularly on a sunny day, with Mount Meakan and Mount Akan-Fuji in the background, Lake Onneto is a fantastic sight to behold. It is also counted as one of Hokkaido's "Three Major Secret Lakes."

  • Address

    Moashoro, Ashoro-cho, Ashoro, Hokkaido

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    All year

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  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    50 minutes by car from Ashoro Interchange via Doto Expressway

    2 hours by bus from JR Kushiro Station, get off at Akan Lake Terminal, then about 20 minutes by car

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