Ishibu Rice Terraces
Ishibu Rice Terraces
Ishibu Rice Terraces
Ishibu Rice Terraces Ishibu Rice Terraces Ishibu Rice Terraces


Ishibu Rice Terraces, located in the West of the Izu Peninsula, has been selected in various awards, including "Shizuoka's Best Sightseeing Spot." It is said to be the greatest rice terraces within Izu, with a height between 120-250m, around 370 layers of rice fields, and extends about 4.2 hectares. At the top of the terraces, visitors can enjoy the view of Suruga Bay below, and during clear weather, Mount Fuji is also visible. During planting and harvesting season, dozens of people from both within and outside the prefecture gather to participate. In May, the rice fields are lighted with candles, which produces a wondrous sight.

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    Ishibu, Matsuzaki-cho, Kamo, Shizuoka

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    All year

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    1 hour, 20 minutes by car from Numazu Interchange via Tomei Expressway, then 5 minutes from Tanada Observatory Parking lot

    50 minutes by bus from Izukyu Shimoda Station, transfer at Matsuzaki Bus Terminal and ride again for 15 minutes, get off at Ishibu and walk 40 minutes

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