Tsukumo Bay
Tsukumo Bay
Tsukumo Bay
Tsukumo Bay Tsukumo Bay Tsukumo Bay

The scenery that can be found here is so majestic that it has been named one of the “100 most beautiful scenic spots in Japan.” The bay is small, with not even 2 km from east to west, and from south to north, but it is a rias coast with many large and small coves and a coastline extending to 13 km. Its name in Japanese literally means "99 Bay," which was said to have originated to the fact that it has 99 coves. There is a roundabout observation road where visitors can walk around and look at the ocean. Other activities that can be enjoyed are sailing, and camping.

  • Address

    Nose, Noto-cho, Hosu, Ishikawa

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  • Closed


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    All year

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  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    50 minutes by car from Noto Airport via Noetsu Expressway

    1 hour, 5 minutes by bus from Noto Rail-Anamizu Station, get off at Tsukumo Bay

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