Iwayado Park
Iwayado Park
Iwayado Park
Iwayado Park Iwayado Park Iwayado Park


This park is located in the northeastern part of Seto City. Because of the granite in the area, there are many caves, strange rocks, and waterfalls. In summers, the river is a nice place to play in and people can also enjoy camping. The park is also beautiful in autumn. In the Tokai Natural Trail, visitors can go fishing and anything they catch can be brought home for free. It is particularly popular among children. Other sightseeing spots are the Bungalow Village and the Great Seto Waterfalls.

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    Iwaya, Seto, Aichi

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    Open all year

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    10 minutes by car from Seto-Shinano Interchange via Tokai-Kanjo Expressway

    15 minutes by car from Nagoya Rail Owari-Seto Station

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