Katsuoji Temple
Katsuoji Temple
Katsuoji Temple
Katsuoji Temple Katsuoji Temple Katsuoji Temple


It was said that during the Heian Period, prayers were made to this temple in order to cure the illness of Emperor Seiwa. With the success of those prayers, it came to be known as the "Temple that wins against monarchs." Hence, it became famous as a temple that helps worshippers become "victorious" ("katsu" means "victory") in different aspects, like work, business, sports, and the like. The "katsu daruma" (winning daruma) is also popular. The temple precints is over 260,000 meters and in autumn it is dyed a beautiful red and yellow with autumn leaves unlike anything that exists elsewhere, making it a popular tourist spot during this season.

  • Address

    2914-1 Aomatani, Minoh, Osaka

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  • Opening Hours

    Monday-Friday 08:00-17:00
    Saturday 08:00-17:00
    Sunday 08:00-18:00

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  • Best Season

    Jan., Apr., May, Jun., Nov.

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  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    20 minutes by car from Ibaraki Interchange via Meishin Expressway

    30 minutes by bus from Kita-Osaka Kyuko/Osaka Monorail Senri-Chuo Station, get off at Katsuoji and it is straight ahead

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