Oyama Rice Terraces
Oyama Rice Terraces
Oyama Rice Terraces Oyama Rice Terraces

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These rice paddies are the only one in Japan that uses rain strictly as its water source. There are 375 of these rice paddies spread right over the mountainous areas of Kammogawa City. These terraces have been chosen as Japan's "100 Best Rice Terraces." The beautiful landscape of the rice terraces, along with the village that cultivated it through the years as backdrop, make for a wonderful scenery. They are also precious natural treasures, and provide comfort to all those who visit them as well.

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    Kamanuma, Kamogawa, Chiba

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    All year

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  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    25 minutes by car from Kyonan-Hota Interchange via Futtsu-Tateyama Road

    30 minutes by car from JR Awa-Kamogawa Station

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