Okama Crater
Okama Crater
Okama Crater
Okama Crater
Okama Crater Okama Crater Okama Crater Okama Crater


A circular crater lake in the Zao mountain range is called ”Okama” due to its shape resembles a bowl. About 2,000 years ago, the water collected at the crater created by the eruption became a beautiful lake. Depending on the angle of the sunlight, the beautiful emerald green surface of the lake turns to many different colors within a day. Locals also call it ”the lake of five colors”.
There are three convenient viewpoints around Okama. The first one is called "Okama Tenbodai" (Okama Observatory) - easy access, right in front of the parking lot. The second one is Mt. Katta and it's just 10 min. walk from Okama Observatory. The third one is a mountain trail called "Kuma no Se" (Horseback) or "Kuma no Dake" (Mt. Kumano). It is not an easy walk, so be sure to prepare your tracking shoes and climbing clothing.

  • Address

    Kuraishidake Kokuyuchi-nai, Ongatta Onsen, Zao-cho, Katta, Miyagi

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  • Closed

    Generally between early November till late April, Zao Echo Line/ High Line are closed for the winter season, so the site is not available for visit as a general rule.

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  • Best Season

    May, Jun., Jul., Aug., Sep., Oct.

  • Point

    Due to its high altitude, it is cold in autumn. Be sure to stay warm!

  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    From "Shiraishi Zao Station" of JR Tohoku Shinkansen, take Miyakoh Bus bound for Ongatta Onsen for 50 minutes, get off at the terminal stop, and take 50-minute taxi ride

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